Jenny is a visual artist and enjoys painting in surrealist and impressionist styles. She has been involved in community art and theatre and has worked for a costume shop making costume wear. She has contributed to various projects including costume, props and paper mache puppets for performance and theatre groups such as the Snuff Puppets, Drama with a Difference and now Creative Innerverse. Jenny's role for this project involves designing and making backdrops, props and costumes. She says she looks forward to seeing her designs being transformed into three dimensional form through the medium of the stage.  

Sean is a writer with over twenty years experience and has published poetry, short articles and is currently in the process of writing a novel. He has worked with David and Will playing synthesizers and theremin in the experimental music project Monsters of the Innerverse.  Sean is collaborating with David in writing the script for this newest project. His main influences come from personal experiences related with the area of mental health and tends to write about psychological issues especially those concerned with identity.


Will is a professional bass player with over fifteen years experience. He has played in a variety of bands in many different styles and has also worked in sound production. Will currently works at a Melbourne radio station as an audio technician. Will has also been involved with David and Sean in the experimental music project Monsters of the Innerverse. His role in this musical is playing upright electric bass, synthesiser, voice-overs and sound production.

David is a professional multi-instrumentalist, music performer, actor and teacher. He has played in many different genres of music and performed locally, nationally and internationally. He has been involved with an experimental music project, Monsters of the Innerverse with Sean and Will and this in part has inspired this current musical production. David’s role in this show is scriptwriting with Sean, composing music and playing the part of ‘the Doctor.’




 VIC, Australia